Welcome to the homepage of my website about my WW2 collection. I've been collecting particularly American WW2 items, but also British, German and Dutch items. A part of my collection can be seen on my website.

Other than that, also information about the American soldiers whose graves I have adopted, can be found on my website. The names of these men who died for our freedom are: Lawrence F. Shea, Charles G. Brinkley and Richard A. Wertheim.

Due to the lack of time to translate all pages into English, I've decided to only translate the most important pages of my website.

I don't share any thoughts of the Nazis. This site is only intended to show my hobby and my research on Lawrence F. Shea, Charles G. Brinkley and Richard A. Wertheim.

  • Photos: Go to the page Photos to find some photos taken during the Memorial Day Ceremonies at the American War Cemeteries Margraten and Henri-Chapelle on May 28 en 29, 2011.
  • New website: It took me a while to finish my new website, but it's finally done. The website has been given a new design and some pages have been added.
  • Photos: Photos of Dordt Open Stad 2009, Memorial Day 2009 on the American War Cemetery the Netherlands and the 65th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden can be found in the photo section. 
  • USA 2009: I visited the United States of America in July 2009. There I have been honored for the adoption of three American war graves. Both the Dutch as American press paid attention to this. Some of the articles and TV reports can be found back in In the news.